Welcome to Interstate Commerce Authority your one stop source for all of your Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration filing needs. Consider us your virtual assistant and as an extension of your office, which for many owner-operators is on wheels or behind the wheel. We are proficient in all of the FMCSA requirements and can get you a new authority and on the road within 25 days.

Our offices will expeditiously and accurately file your paperwork. Whether it is as simple as a name change or as complex as getting an entire authority we get it done and we don’t make mistakes. Mistakes are costly with the FMCSA and we save you money because we know how to do it right the first time! We understand the importance of your authority to your financial livelihood that is why all of our work is normally filed immediately! We understand the sense of urgency and have a fiduciary duty to you and your business.

We are also proud to be Registered Process Agents with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and can file your BOC-3 immediately into the government system and we are so much more. We consider ourselves a full service Carrier Representative that is just a phone call away.

It is a pleasure to be of service, we go above and beyond for our clients and you will be satisfied with our service. That is our guarantee to you.

We are officially registered and recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Administration (FMCSA). In order to better meet each of our customers’ needs, we have a process agent available in all 48 continental states with Hawaii and Alaska for an initial fee of $129 and $80 annually thereafter which includes the Active Authority Program. Your BOC-3 will be filed promptly and a copy of your updated Motor Carrier Detail page will be e-mailed to you once filed.

We offer convenient online forms to help you file your USDOT Number, MC/Operating Authority, and BOC-3 applications quicker. We also offer a variety of other transportation services and can accommodate all of your transportation consulting needs through our affiliated companies.

The BOC-3 is the Blanket of Coverage requirement for all Motor Carriers, Passenger Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarders to get an authority.

Our BOC-3 provides your company fifty-process agents; the lower 48 states as well as Hawaii and Alaska. Our agents of process that represent our company and ultimately you are alive and well and many are attorneys and professional process servers.

Beware of these discount BOC-3 companies, just like cheap insurance, if something goes wrong, you will wish you had better coverage. Imagine if you are served with official documents and the 20-dollar process agent you paid has an agent for your state that is deceased or out of business and you never get the service. The BOC-3 coverage is a big deal.

Let us file your BOC-3 electronically immediately into the government system. We are not third parties and are Registered Process Agents with the FMCSA. We charge $129 to file the BOC-3.

Who is subject to the UCR Agreement?

Any motor carrier or other entity that is required to obtain a USDOT, FF, MC or MX number and/or is required to register with FMCSA or should be registered as an interstate or international commerce carrier is subject to the UCR Agreement. Carriers based in Canada and Mexico that operates in the United States is also subject to the UCR Agreement.

What entities are subject to the UCR fees?

Except as noted in Section M below, the UCR Agreement requires all for-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers and motor private carriers transporting property to register with the United States Department of Transportation (“USDOT”) as well as brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies (collectively referred to as UCR registrants) to pay UCR fees..

What will UCR registrants under the UCR Agreement have to do to comply?

A registrant is required to register annually for the UCR Agreement and pay UCR fees

What entities based in Canada, Mexico, or any other countries are subject to the UCR Agreement?

For-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers, motor private carriers transporting property, freight forwarders, leasing companies, and brokers based in Canada, Mexico, or any other country that operate in interstate or international commerce in the United States, are subject to the UCR Agreement.

Prices for the UCR are based on the number of vehicles.

0-2 trucks $150.00

3-5 trucks $350.00

6-20 trucks $650.00

21-100 trucks $1700.00

We also offer and recommend our Secure Renew Program for your UCR. Your UCR will renew in October of every year for the following year and we will send you a confirmation receipt for the registration year and you are done!

A company can hold an authority as a Common Carrier, Broker or Freight Forwarder. Please specify if your company is applying for a household goods authority. It takes 22-25 days from start to finish to get an active authority. This time frame is if the carrier has the insurance and all other requirements filed.

ALL 48 PACKAGE- $1100.00

USDOT#, MC# BOC-3, UCR, MCS-150, State Weight Distance Permits in NY, KY, OR, and NM

This package includes all of the filing fees for the MC# (common carrier, contract carrier or broker authority). The BOC-3 is included with no annual renewals and the Unified Carrier Registration. This package includes 0-2 vehicles registered only for the UCR registration, call for more vehicles pricing. Weight Distance Permits that are needed to travel into New York, Kentucky, Oregon and New Mexico.


USDOT#, MC#, BOC-3, UCR, MCS-150

This package generation of a USDOT# and includes all of the filing fees for the MC# (common carrier, contract carrier or broker authority). The BOC-3 is included with no annual renewals and the Unified Carrier Registration. This package is based on the carrier having no more than 2 commercial vehicles. Give us a call for pricing of more than 2 commercial vehicles. Great package if you operate in a regional area that does not travel into the following states: NY, OR, NM or Kentucky.



We will generate a new USDOT# and MC# and file the BOC-3 for you. The rest is all you.


BOC-3, UCR, MCS-150 & Expedited Authority Certificate


We will file the BOC-3, file the UCR and include an expedited authority certificate. The law requires that you must have the actual authority certificate to operate printed and in the vehicles. The authority certificate is free and mailed by the FMCSA and takes 8-10 to receive by mail. We will sign you up for our watch service and email you the certificate the day the authority is active.

KYU $50.00- Kentucky Weight Distance number (KYU) is required for any carrier over 59,999 pounds traveling in Kentucky


NEW MEXICO $50.00- New Mexico Weight Distance Tax ID Permit is required for any carrier 26,000 pounds or greater traveling highways in New Mexico


NEW YORK $150.00- New York Highway Use Tax (HUT) permit is required for vehicles over 18,000 pounds traveling on New York public highways.

OREGON $150.00- Oregon Weight Distance Permit is required for vehicles over 26,000 traveling in Oregon.

We know it is hard to run your business’ clerical needs from the seat of a truck. We are here to provide our virtual assistant service for the following services:

  • Name changes
  • Address changes
  • Biennial Update (MCS-150)
  • Re-Instatement of a Revoked authority
  • Re-Instatement of a Dismissed authority
  • Adding an additional authority to your current USDOT#
  • Expedited Authority Certificates
  • Copies of Original Authority Certificates
  • Transfer of authority

We offer our services for a wide range of things, just give us a call.

Have you been shut down while en-route to a deliver a load because you didn’t realize that your insurance was not renewed or posted by an agent? Have you been denied a load by a broker because your DOT was inactive? INACTIVE authorities can trigger costly re-instatement fees, loss of income and customers because of being shut down. We have a solution. Here at Interstate Commerce Authority Inc. have created a monitoring system, Active-Authority, to keep your authority active and keep you on the road earning money. Gain peace of mind and leave the compliance to us with 24/7 monitoring for changes and/or activity of your authority that could cause revocation of your authority.

For just $80 annually:

✔ We monitor and notify you when events occur that could cause your authority to be revoked.

✔ We monitor your BOC-3 and automatically refile at no charge if the FMCSA drops the filing for any reason (a name change for instance).

✔ We assist with MC authority reinstatement if your authority is ever revoked.

✔ We complete the Biennial Update filing electronically (required by USDOT).

✔ We offer FMCSA/USDOT compliance support.

✔ We update FMCSA/USDOT information electronically (legal name, address, phone, etc).

Save time and focus on your business. Call today to get registered immediately.

Filing schedule: Each motor carrier or intermodal equipment provider must file the appropriate form at the following times:

  • Before it begins operations; and
  • Every 24 months according to the following schedule:

If the next-to-last digit of its USDOT Number is odd, the motor carrier or intermodal equipment provider shall file its update in every odd-numbered calendar year. If the next-to-last digit of the USDOT Number is even, the motor carrier or intermodal equipment provider shall file its update in every even-numbered calendar year.

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