Other Services

Interstate Commerce Authority Inc.

Full-Service Carrier Representatives

At Interstate Commerce Authority Inc., we take pride in being Registered Process Agents with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We will file your BOC-3 immediately into the government system. We consider ourselves as a full-service carrier representative.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Established in 2005, The UCR Act requires motor carriers involved in interstate commerce, and other businesses to submit the annual fees based on fleet size to supplement funding for state highway motor carrier registration and safety programs.

Operating Authority Packages (Domiciled in the US or Canada)

Are you ready to take the first step?

At Interstate Commerce Authority Inc., we will lay all the groundwork and handle the details for you. Start moving freight and make money right away. Feel free to find out which Operating Authority Packages best fits all your business needs.

Distance Permits

At Interstate Commerce Authority Inc., we are experts at getting you trip permits for your entire journey. Feel free to call us today, and we will get your distance permit issued.

Virtual Assistance Services

Are you ready to get your work done on time? Do you want to grow your business?

At Interstate Commerce Authority Inc., we offer Virtual Assistant services to complete your tasks now. Our virtual team will help you focus on business matters.

Active-Authority Program

At Interstate Commerce Authority Inc., we can take care of all the paperwork or we will assist you during the process.

MCS-150 Biennal Update Requirement

The biennial update is a requirement set by the FMCSA. Also known as Motor Carrier Identification Report, you need to update your MCS-150 Form every two years. But it is to be noted that in some states you need to update it every year as part of renewing your truck or fleet registration.

Alcohol & Drug Testing

In Alcohol & Drug Testing, one needs to go through the required procedures for conducting drug and alcohol testing for the federally regulated transportation industry.